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Nature's Wisdom and Mysteries, with Heloisa da Silva Porto
Monday July 10, 2017 7-9:30pm
A experiential evening to connect with nature as a teacher and oracle for our turbulent times.
Nature is authentic and can mirror our authentic selves. Nature invites us to change consciously and pay attention to the small signs as in its essence it holds the principle of change and mystery. Trees are ancient beings much wiser than humans; for indigenous people a tree is the essence of consciousness.

Every plant has its own wisdom and medicine and it is up to us to allow them to choose us and humbly approach them to find ways of communicating and learning.

Nature is an immense resource for healing, health and spiritual growth.

How about opening our hearts to its teachings, wisdom and magic?
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About the presenter

Heloisa da Silva Porto, registered psychotherapist in Ontario, for over 20 years works integrating body/ mind therapies with shamanic practices. Has learned from many indigenous traditions - North American, Peruvian and African and she is also certified in hypnosis, regression and Spirit Releasement therapies. Heloisa was initiated to facilitate sweat lodges in 1997 and she loves to offer creative healing rituals, using the power of the elements and nature. She is in process to complete her western Eldership initiation in the traditions of Dagara Tribe in Dano, Burkina Faso, West Africa and the Cowry Shells divination training from the same tradition.
She is the visionary and founder of the Sacred Mountains Sanctuary ( a non for profit brazilian NGO . (

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Friends House 
60 Lowther Avenue
Toronto, ON M5R 1C6  

(2 blocks north from the Bedford exit of the St George Subway Stn.)
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