Guidelines for SHCN Presenters

The Spirituality in Healthcare Network (SHCN) is a bridging network, a forum for bridging spiritually oriented health-care professionals of diverse specialty and training, and also for bridging diverse spiritual traditions with health-care.

Presentations are made by regular members of the SHCN who present on their field of expertise in Spirituality and Health Care. Topics are chosen from abstracts submitted to the SHCN Steering Committee

  • Our format allows for a 45 minute presentation which includes a question period, we suggest you allow 15 minutes of that 45 minutes for questions.
  • To familiarize network members with the presenter’s background we request that you describe what drew you into the field of spirituality and health-care and the interest you are presenting.
  • Please describe in your talk how your health-care practice (presentation) addresses, nourishes, heals or feeds the spirit.
  • Your audience will be comprised of professionals in addition to interested consumers. Please gear your presentation accordingly.
  • Please provide a summary of your talk to be posted on the Spirituality in Health-Care Network web site.
  • Please advise your SHCN contact person of your audiovisual requirements when your presentation is confirmed.

    Small Group Sharing Guidelines for SHCN Group Leaders

    As we normally have a small group discussion segment at our meeting, we invite presenters to consider leading one of these groups. We have outlined a set of minimal guidelines to clarify our expectations of the leader.

    Goal:to provide participants the opportunity to discuss spirituality related topics.


  • may invite discussion on the evenings topic or any topic related to spirituality.
  • should ensure all members have the opportunity to participate, if they wish.
  • should ensure no one dominates unduly.
  • should invite members to clarify any issue they wish the leader to share with the group at-large.
  • Guidelines for Submission for SHCN Presentations

    Network members interested in making a presentation to the network are invited to provide the Steering Committee with a brief abstract or submission (no more than 200 words) to for their consideration.

    • To familiarize the committee members with the presenter’s background we request that you briefly describe what drew you into your chosen field of spirituality and health-care and the interest you would like to present.
    • Please describe how your talk (presentation) will address spirituality in (your) health-care practice.
    • The Steering Committee selects presentations with the expectation there will be no undue commercial element in the presentation.

      In the event that we received more suitable submissions than we have meeting time available for presentations, preference is given to submissions from regular volunteers, followed by frequently attending members. The steering committee has adopted this policy as a small token of appreciation and recognition of the volunteers who make this network possible.

      If you are interested in making a presentation to the network, please email me directly at

      Guidelines for Members interested in becoming Steering Committee Members.

      As the Spirituality and Health-Care Network relies totally on volunteer members for it to function, we feel it is very important that we choose steering committee members who are willing to commit to the time required (minimal) to keep the Network functioning. For this reason the SHCN Steering Committee has outlined the following guidelines...

      To join the Steering Committee, we require that someone:

      • be an active member of the network for at least six months,
      • attend at least three meetings, and
      • have served as a regular and reliable Volunteer before joining.

      This allows the new member to get to know more about the Network organization and the running of SHCN, and it also provides an opportunity for Steering Committee members to get to know the new member.

      When members express interest in volunteering or joining the Steering Committee, the current Volunteer Coordinator for SHCN will phone to talk with them. This call is intended to determine how a member would like to Volunteer. In this way we can best match a member’s interest with the needs of the Network.

      Thank you for your interest in helping with SHCN. We need your interest and enthusiasm to ensure the network continues to function.

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